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Für ihre neue Single haben sich Dirty Heads mit dem kolumbianischen Duo Monsieur Periné zusammengetan, um den Song “Island Glow” neu zu interpretieren. Die südkalifornische Band veröffentlicht ihr aktuelles Album “Midnight Control” am 07. Juli auf Vinyl und am 14. Juli in Form einer digitalen Deluxe-Version via Better Noise Music. “Island Glow” feat. Monsieur Periné ist ab sofort überall erhältlich.

“I think one of the greatest parts of music is collaboration. Being able to share music with other artists you respect and are fans of. That’s what happened with Island Glow and Monsieur Perinè. We are fans of what they do and we are honored to have them add on and bring their talent to this epic pirate story.” kommentiert Dirty Heads Sänger Jared Watson.

“We were very excited to be able to do this collaboration with Dirty Heads. It was a very unexpected invitation. We haven’t had the opportunity to meet each other in person, although we knew their music and admired their work so for that reason, we loved that they invited us to collaborate. It was a creative challenge because it is a song that has a very particular language, it is quite complex English, even pronouncing certain words, and since it is not my native language, it was like a process of taking the time to read and understand everything and then interpret the words. I really liked being able to have the chance to write a part in Spanish, to create a new part and thus also create a new version of the song together with them and to bring these elements that give it a more Latin sound that bring it more towards our energy through percussion, through colors, through our flavor. I think there’s something very interesting about the result and we hope people like it.” Monsieur Periné

Dirty Heads Midnight Control (Deluxe)

Veröffentlichung: Freitag, 14. Juli 2023

  1. Dirty Heads – Island Glow
  2. Dirty Heads – Rescue Me
  3. Dirty Heads – Lifes Been Good
  4. Dirty Heads – Heavy Water (feat. Common Kings)
  5. Dirty Heads – Make Me
  6. Dirty Heads – Midnight Control
  7. Dirty Heads – Little Things
  8. Dirty Heads – Indigo
  9. Dirty Heads – Shade
  10. Dirty Heads – El Dorado
  11. Dirty Heads – Live Your Life
  12. Dirty Heads – John Linen (feat. Alex Vince and Ivuss)
  13. Dirty Heads – Bright Side
  14. Dirty Heads – 2 Shells
  15. Dirty Heads – Get You By
  16. Dirty Heads – Constellation
  17. Dirty Heads – Island Glow (feat. Monsieur Periné)
  18. Dirty Heads – Life’s Been Good (Acoustic)
  19. Dirty Heads – Rescue Me (Acoustic)
  20. Dirty Heads – Island Glow (Acoustic)
  21. Dirty Heads – Shade (Lo-Fi)
  22. Dirty Heads – Midnight COntrol (Lo-Fi)
  23. Dirty Heads – Rescue Me (Lo-Fi)